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Brick Pavers

Replacing old concrete with brick pavers adds a whole new look to your home. The beauty of brick pavers gives style and angles that can't be achieved with concrete.

  • Add curves for a smooth, flowing entrance
  • Replace cement slab porches with inviting brick steps and landing
  • Replace an old high-maintenance deck with brick pavers and open up your yard.
  • Increase the width of your driveway with brick pavers on each side.
  • Add a walkway from your front yard to the backyard.
  • Remove old edging on landscaping beds and use brick walkways as a more nautral barrier.
  • Add character to turns with circle and half-circle designed brick pavers.
  • The ideas are endless with brick pavers...


These homeowners wanted to spice up the entrance to their home. They wanted to remove the timber borders and add a new walkway.


A new walkway using brick pavers give this entrance a whole new look. We removed the timbers and old shrubs and added new bushes and shrubs to give a more inviting look to this entrance.

Maintenance of your brick Pavers

To keep your brick pavers looking new we suggest that you perform the following maintence items...

List items here



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Porches & Steps
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